Moving with Your Pets: 4 Hints for Pet Owners

Move Your Household & Keep Animal Friends Happy: 4 Hints for Pet Owners
Congratulations on getting your household items organized and ready for your upcoming move! But how do you keep your new puppy or feline friend happy during all the changes ahead?

We all know that moving can be a challenge on its own, but when you add animals to the mix, it can be hard on you and them. Here are four hints to help Fluffy the cat and Crackers the parrot adjust before – and especially after – you complete your move.

1. Keep pet tags, vaccinations, and registrations up-to-date. When your pets have visible tags, they can be tracked more easily should the unthinkable happen and they are lost somewhere in the moving process. When you get to your new location, you’ll also have a complete record of their vaccination records to give to your new vet.
2. Get your pet accustomed to its pet carrier well before the move. If your bird or furry friend is already at ease in a travel container, great! If not, take steps now to acclimatize your pet. Ask your vet for advice on sedation drugs if necessary, particularly for air travel. Ask an aquarium specialist to help you “pack” tropical fish.
3. For cats and dogs, avoid food and water several hours prior to departure; after that, feed pets only once daily. Before you get on the road, check for pet-friendly motels along the way. If you own a snake, let it soak in the bathtub for an hour after check-in.
4. Assign a zone or special room to your pets once you arrive at your destination. They are far less likely to be hurt or lost if you have a specified, contained room for their use, and they will gradually become accustomed to their surroundings without being too overwhelmed. This also helps them avoid a chaotic atmosphere that can accompany the unpacking process.

Most importantly, show your pets lots of love. Take a break from packing or unpacking to tend to your pets’ needs, and you might just find your own are easier to manage!