Planning on moving your perennials as part of your move?

Moving or dividing perennials in the spring
Spring is an ideal time to move or divide the vast majority of perennials, particularly if you live in a very cold region (Zones 1 to 4). Even the early spring-bloomers can be moved, so long as it gets done before they flower. This might sacrifice a few blooms for the current season, but next year’s display will be especially grand.

Gardeners often ask us when the best season is to move specific perennials, so we have a working “rule of thumb” for timing.

John’s Rule-of-Thumb for when to move or divide perennials

If the plant blooms between early spring and late June, then early fall division/moving is ideal. That being said, you can nearly always get away with doing this in spring, if necessary. If the plant blooms after late June, then early spring division is ideal. Exceptions to the rule are: Peonies (move/divide in fall only), Oriental Poppies (move/divide in August), Bearded Iris (move/divide in July through September ideally, or spring as a second choice) and true Lilies (move/divide in mid to late fall).

Of course, you can always break the rules and see what happens. Just remember that if you move or divide a perennial later in the season when it’s big and bushy bushy always cut back the foliage by at least half to prevent serious wilting. This helps to keep the leaf mass in proportion to the reduced number of roots!