Five tips on what to look for in a neighborhood:

You’ve selected the city you’re moving to, but which neighborhood is right for you? Here are a few things to look for when shopping for the right area for you and your family:

1. Municipal services - Be sure to check if there are local police and fire stations relatively close to your new home. Taxes - Property and school taxes need to be taken into consideration when selecting a neighborhood.

2. Public transportation - In these days of rising gas prices, it’s important to note if public transportation, such as buses, trains and/or subways, are close to your neighborhood. The cost of commuting may offset your potential fuel costs.

3. Schools - Checking out the proximity of neighborhood schools to your home is important, especially if you are sharing carpools or need to seek out after school care for your child.

4. Shopping - Are there enough grocery stores, dry cleaners, convenience stores and service stations in the area?

5. Remember, when you are new to an area, you don’t know your way aroundso the less you have to travel, the better off you’ll be.