Packing Hazardous...

Packing hazardous goods for a Move? Don’t Put These Items on the Truck
Packing for a Move? Before you pack everything and open the door to your mover, keep in mind that some items may be hazardous (or even illegal) to put on the truck. When packing for a move, generally, don’t pack anything that’s flammable, combustible or explosive.
Sounds easy, right?
Well, that simple rule of thumb covers many common items you might not realize are a risk. Make separate arrangements if you need to move any of the following items that make movers balk:
-Cleansers containing bleach or ammonia
-Lighter fluid
-Nail polish remover
-Oil or gas of any sort
-Paint cans
-Pesticides and poisons
Another tip: Don’t try to sneak any of the above items into your moving boxes. You could be breaking the law and or liable for any damages caused because you shipped these items (bleach spilling on another customers $2000 Sofa). It is less expensive to replace any of the above items or you can find alternate ways to transport them if you truly need to keep.